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CrewStay System Highlights

• Hosted solution tailored to an Airline's specific destinations, route system, and contracted properties

• Supports defining hotel contracts, alternative properties, as well as FBO utilized properties if applicable

• Rapid booking functionality for virtually an unlimited number of crew members at once with support for unique credit card per crew member or utilizing a single corporate credit card for all crew members

• Real-time access to contracted rates, corporate rates, and BAR (Best Available Rates)


• Real-time comparison of BAR rates to contracted rates and ability to book lower rates if available


• Real-time GDS Contract Rate Auditing

• Real-time Online Reservations Reporting

• Automated reporting via email

• Compliance enforcement to enforce the booking of contracted properties and contracted rates

• Compliance tracking supports Sarbanes Oxley adherence

• Supports the creation and management of advance room blocks


• Supports live bookings via the GDS as well as direct to hotel via fax or email


• For non-GDS bookings, hotels can directly update confirmation numbers in system

• Protects against duplicate bookings and no-shows

• Can interface with Airline's internal systems via webservice

• State-of-the-art online support system


• Secure


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