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Hotel Contract Management

The built-in contract rate monitoring ensures that hotels are providing rates as contracted and the system automatically alerts you to those hotels that need to be contacted due to offering incorrect rates.  This ensures that contracted hotels are always honoring their contracted rates.


All contract information is maintained online, accessible from anywhere, including the ability to upload a copy of the contract in pdf format.

Group Bookings

The CrewStay system supports making bookings for individuals as well as groups. CrewStay can support a group booking of virtually an unlimited number of people at once.   Each person has their own individual booking generated so that the individual booking can easily be edited or cancelled without affecting any other booking within the group. 


All bookings can have additional airline specific information tracked with the booking such as pairing or booking idenfication number, aircraft tail number, billing codes, etc.

Advance Blocks

CrewStay makes the process of booking and managing blocks extremely efficient and easy.   The room block system even supports managing blocks offline as excel spreadsheets and then uploading them to update the system. The system tracks if a guest name is a valid name or a placeholder and will automatically cancel any bookings without a valid guest name to ensure that only actually required rooms are booked.


The system has specifically been designed to be able to interface with an airline's crew scheduling system to provide the highest level of automation. The system supports having the hotel's update confirmation numbers directly online.



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