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 Crewstay - The simple Choice

Our philosophy is that “Simplicity Makes Sense”.

Not only is Crewstay easy to deploy and use, but it also provides our customers with very high value. The crewstay system not only simplifies the hotel booking process for crew accomodations, but also greatly improves productivity, and reduces costs.

Crewstay is robust and can easily be customized to support your organization’s unique way of doing business and can easily be interfaced with your internal systems either to provide automation in the form of pulling requirements from crew scheduling systems to providing automated data download to integrate with reporting and accounting systems.

When choosing technology to support and manage crew logistics the choice should be simple. Crewstay keeps it simple.


Why working with us is the simple choice

We love what we do
We are good at what we do
We communicate
We listen
We strive to exceed expectations

And lastly, because we keep it simple.
 The evolution of dramatic savings

The system has been designed so that any organization can start saving money and continue to drive further savings with continued use of the system. This is regardless of a corporate travel policy having been implemented or not.

The system initially starts saving money by providing a common platform to book hotel rooms for all staff which ensures that contracted rates are booked and that in the absence of hotel contracts that staff are booking best available rates. It also provides up to the minute reporting of what the organization is actually spending on hotel room rates.

The reporting functionality of the system enables one to monitor hotel bookings by destination.  In destinations where no contract exists, the organization can realize savings by rationalizing the number of hotels being booked to a select few strategically located to be contracted with directly to ensure room rate savings.

The compliance enforcement functionality of the system enables the organization to track bookings that fall out of compliance and understand why maximum rate targets are not been met.

The built-in contract rate auditing and real-time monitoring ensures that hotels are providing rates as contracted and the system automatically alerts you to those hotels that need to be contacted due to offering incorrect rates. This ensures that contracted hotels are always honoring their contracted rates.

The system ensures efficiency in the contract management process within the organization as all contract information is maintained online, accessible from anywhere, including the ability to upload a copy of the contract in pdf or word doc format.